A Call To Arms (Part 2)

I never realized how far removed I was from the depravity of my nation. The fact that the situation in Nigeria has deteriorated to such a debase level is not just a terrible reflection on the government, it’s a terrible reflection on each and every one of us; citizens of this country. I remember when I thought the on-goings of this nation didn’t affect me; my basic needs were taken care of and I could afford to enjoy luxuries. In my foolishness, I failed to see that the price of petrol meant more money out of my pocket, funds diverted that were meant to fix the roads meant I had to wake up earlier than was humane so I could get to work on time and I probably had to send my car in for servicing more than I would have had to if it had been driven on good roads.

The call to arms today goes beyond the current situation with our missing girls and the bomb attacks in Abuja as well as the attacks in northern Nigeria. These events are traumatic and I have joined the army on social media fighting to ensure that these girls are brought back. But what happens when we get what we want (by God’s grace) and the girls are returned to their families? Will we go back to business as usual? If there’s one victory we can take from the spotlight that has been on our nation, it’s the fact that we now know our voices matter. They can try stopping us from making our demands on the street but they cannot stop all of us on social media.

Nigeria is currently at a crossroads in her history and we stand on the edge of a watershed moment. Those of us that were blind now see what the enlightened ones have been trying to get us to understand. I am thinking beyond finding the missing girls to our (YES, OUR) elections next year. After we have caused a righteous ruckus, will we go back home and allow the powers that be dictate the trajectory of this country for another four years? Do we still believe the lie that we can do nothing or will we make the decision to arm ourselves with the truth that the future of our country lies in our own hands?

Let me let you in on a little secret, we are an anomaly; a variable unaccounted for by the powers that be when they take their decisions on how to share the country among themselves. For too long, we have sat down and allowed the powers we possess as a people lie useless. I hope we now understand and know that this is the most evil lie. Many of us have felt righteous eviscerating anger at the state of the nation but we were told by many that there was nothing we could do. So in order to protect ourselves, we were purposely detached from this nation. Well the time has come for us to reconnect with that part of our purpose, rise up and take responsibility for this nation.

Again, the age old question, “What can we do?” comes to mind. Well that once rhetorical question now has an answer. And it’s absolutely not “Nothing”. We can scream on social media and it takes just a few seconds of your time. We can find out more about the ongoings of our nation and finally take her back from those unqualified to lead. We can form a movement, a political party. All it takes is for us to think big and then take the first step. I am excited for the future of Nigeria and I fully intend to be part of the change that will transform her into the beauty she was created to be. I will be a soldier for her.

How about you?