The Call

There is an informed joy in my heart as I write this Sunday morning. I feel a sense of validation where the difficulties of the past season are concerned, as I enter into a time of freshness, celebration and most importantly, consistent action. Over the past few years, I had become accustomed solely to God the loving, caring, empathetic Father who I thought did not want me suffer ‘too much’. But for most of this year, I have gained personal insight into God the Lion, God the Mighty Man of War who raises soldiers to take territory for Him.

As I look back, I see how entitled and weak I was and  I understand the purpose for the refiner’s fire of the past year. I was comfortable with my life; nice job (not too demanding at the time), nice family, nice boyfriend (who became my fiancé), etc. My life seemed great, but things started to change towards the end of 2014 and into 2015. God began to take me through an uncomfortable process of digging and pruning.

I have approval problems; I tend to seek endorsement from people, using their confirmation of my actions and decisions as my compass. I would think to myself that if these people approved of me, especially church folk, then I must be doing the right thing. But God is a jealous God, and in many ways, I had exalted other people’s opinions about me, above God’s opinion. I had made human approval my idol. God wanted to get that sorted out immediately, and He has taken me on a journey to address it. I can’t say that I am completely rid of that vice, but I can tell you that I am nowhere near where I used to be and I continue to journey towards that ultimate goal.

Another key lesson I have learned is the importance of internal government; if you cannot discipline yourself, then you cannot be a good soldier. I need to be able to wake up early to read my bible and pray; to get to work on time and deliver on tasks as and when due. The expectations of my job are significant. Fortunately, I have not been afforded the luxury of working in an environment that excuses mistakes and sub-par results from me; the consequences are often significant. I use the term ‘fortunately’ because it means that I have learned many things in a relatively short amount of time and I now have personal high standards.

It is no coincidence that there was a seeming convergence of hardship in my life. Make no mistake people, God is raising an army. He is training strong men and women from different walks of life to build His Kingdom here on earth. Romans 8:19 says that all creation is waiting eagerly for the future day when God will reveal who His children really are (NLT). This could not be more true with the on goings of the world today. There is an apt phrase that I’ve heard repeatedly over the past few months, “There’s no time to waste time”. I feel a sense of urgency in the air; it is time for us to act.

So go ahead in strength and get to work on those things that you know God has laid on our heart to do; apply for that job, start that new business, volunteer for that ministry, propose to that girl. There is no time to waste time; the Kingdom is looking for you and I. Let’s get moving.