…….For This Year

Hello wonderful world,

And so we leave 2014 behind and look forward to 2015 with all it holds for us. I pray this year is one where you get to walk closely with God and allow Him to guide every facet of your life. I pray that you flourish this year; no matter what goes on around you, you will stay rooted in Christ and bear fruit in all seasons. I pray for growth, increase and revelation for you this year and that your mind and heart will be open to receive all that God has for you. In Jesus’ name. Amen!!!

Now with each new year comes an opportunity to assess the previous year; accomplishments, failures, areas for growth and improvement and new territories to explore. The usual way forward is to come up with resolutions and clearly defined timelines. I had none last year; in fact I don’t think I have ever been one to have any. Looking back now, I think it would have been useful to have clearly spelled out the things I wanted to achieve. But I think for the year ahead, God wants me to be more intentional about receiving revelation on what His plans are for me this year. I usually just go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may trusting that God is leading me (and I know He is). But there is a higher level of relationship where God goes from being your manager to your partner and I think that’s the next step for me.

Now, this is not easy. Partnering with God often requires a higher sacrifice; it could mean saying goodbye to sleep and hello to more work and even more prayer. It could also mean saying goodbye to some relationships, bad habits (especially those that feel so good) and trite excuses. It definitely means putting away childish things in order to become a woman or man. A lot is happening to me this year and so a lot will be expected of me. I need to ensure that I am prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with blessings.

And so it is timely that my church (The Waterbrook) has called a fast for 21 days. The most I have done for a fast is like 5-6 days so 21 days is a stretch and a half. But there is one thing I know for sure that God is saying about this year; if you want to end this year a much better person than you were when you started, you have to get on board with God’s plan and the only way to know His plan is to seek Him and ask Him to reveal it to you. I know who I was when I started 2014 and that person is a far cry from who I was on the night of the 31st. I want an even starker contrast between who I am today and who I will become year end. The only way I know  and the only formula I can recommend is Jesus.

You might not feel led to fast but maybe your Bible has been gathering dust for the past couple of months/years. Perhaps it’s time to pick it up and ask God to speak to you through it (and trust me, He will). Maybe you have harbored bitterness towards some people for a while and it has blocked you off from receiving what God has for you. Pray for them and let it go. What I am trying to get you to do is to resolve to be and do better this year, all according to God’s plan for you. And you can walk in that plan as long as you resolve this year to walk with Him.

That’s my New Year’s message to you my lovely readers. Have a great week ahead and never doubt how much God loves you.

Love always,

Grace’s Daughter.

9 thoughts on “…….For This Year

  1. Nala says:

    It’s great that u want to have some plan for this year, I think they r really good. A pastor once encouraged us using the Bible scripture about “writing the vision and make it plain…” and since then, I find that the resolutions/goals I make for the year, God always finds a way of making them all come to pass b4 the year comes to an end. Wish u all the best this year. May we not recognize ourselves by the end eh!(in a good way ofc!)

    • aokwodu says:

      Thanks a lot Nala. It’s funny you should mention that verse (it’s in Habakkuk 2) because God gave me that word middle of last year and has been reminding me about it over and over again. This just confirms to me the importance of writing all these things down

  2. Tess says:

    Adaobi, it’s like you read my mind. This year is the first time in a long time since I wrote out new year resolutions. That’s a step in the right direction. I just pray God gives me the grace to keep them all. Congrats on your engagement. Your ‘Story of Us’ was so realistic. And it has helped me in accepting God’s plan for my life relationship-wise. It’s funny how we have all the qualities of the perfect guy we ‘like’ in our heads and when God gives us just that, it doesn’t work out forcing us to see the bigger picture. Thanks for being a willing tool to minister to your avid readers. We all strongly behind you all the year. Happy new year!!!

    • aokwodu says:

      Awwww thanks ever so much Tess, I’m glad the post spoke to you as well. I’m really grateful for the encouragement and will keep writing as God inspires. Have a fantastic 2015.

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