The Story of Us (Part 1)

Hello wonderful people,

Hope y’all are doing well. I’ve been away for a while, I know and for that I apologize. I’m sure by now that you all are tired of hearing my apologies for my lengthy absences. Please bear with me guys…..I really am trying to keep up. I know I can try harder though and I so I ask you to please keep me in your prayers.

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks; I was away for a couple of days in the U.S for thanksgiving. It was lovely to be able to get away and spend some quality time with my family. Coming back to Nigeria was a bit difficult because work got crazy. I’m hoping this next week will be lighter as we head into the Holidays.

Alright guys, so I have some news. A number of you who read this blog are friends of mine (some of you I have actually met through this blog) and so you know that I got engaged almost two weeks ago.

I’m sorry guys; I know I should have told you all sooner but I needed some time to wrap my brain around the whole thing. For those of you that have read this blog from the start, you know that my journey as far as dating is concerned has been a very long and interesting one. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that God is really awesome and cares so much about every single area of our lives especially where dating is concerned. If you hand over that aspect of your life to Him, He will take it and make it something absolutely beautiful.

I met Moyo about a year ago (on Boxing Day) at a hang out with a friend and I didn’t think much of him at the time. In fact, I’m quite sure he annoyed me because he kept asking me questions and challenging my opinions. It turns out that he was just very curious about me and how my mind worked. I didn’t know it at the time but a mutual friend of ours was trying to set us up. Fast-forward about two weeks later and I get a phone call from a number I don’t know and I call back. Turns out to be this same Moyo guy.

Ordinarily I would not have given him the time of day because he was not my type but God had allowed me to “have” my type just before I met Moyo and things didn’t work out with him. Looking back now I thank God for it because I would not have given Moyo and I a chance if I hadn’t gone through that experience. So the version of Grace’s Daughter that Moyo met was one that was a little heart-bruised but as a result, completely open to whatever it was God had in store for her as far as dating was concerned………

That’s it for today guys…..I’m gonna do a bit of a series on the story of Moyo and I as it’s a bit too long for one post. I will put another post up on Sunday. In the meantime, have a lovely week y’all and remember the reason for the season.

Love always,

Grace’s Daughter.

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