Lessons Learned

Hey guys,

Trust y’all are doing great. I’m excited today for two reasons. The first is that my time in Dubai has almost come to an end. I am leaving soon and looking forward to going back home. The second is that The Convo is exactly a week away and I’m super hyped. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the readers of this blog and getting some new nuggets of wisdom where dating is concerned. Which brings me to the results of the trivia.

Now I got several complaints that my questions were ridiculously difficult which probably explains why I didn’t get much of a response from y’all. Now although I’m a little heartbroken (sob sob) because the response was kinda not good at all, I have decided to learn from it and move on. Next time, my trivia questions will be reader friendly…….lol. But I did give away two tickets to someone who really put in crazy effort to answer those questions (I admit, they were crazy hard). So dnddyon, you are the proud winner of two free tickets to The Convo. Please send me your full name and number as well as that of your guest. I look forward to meeting you next week.

That means I still have three free tickets to give away. Now because I really want to give these tickets away, I’ll make it easy on you guys. I’ve decided to let you tell me why I should give you a free ticket. The three most compelling answers I get will be winners of the last three tickets. So it’s all up to you guys. If you still want a free ticket to The Convo, send me an e-mail at aokwodu@yahoo.co.uk, telling me why you think you deserve a free ticket. Please send in your answers by Tuesday, 19th August at 12p.m (G.M.T + 1) and I will announce the winners later that same day. I look forward to reading your answers (please send them in this time guys, I’ve made things much easier ;)).

When I was thinking of what to share today, it came really quickly to me. Today’s post won’t be too long, just a summary of what I’ve learned over the past two months. I’m really grateful to God that He continues to open my eyes and heart to things He wants me learn. As time goes on, I’m growing and although that might make some of you want to say “duh”, the truth is that not everyone can say that. So I urge you to celebrate your growth. When you realize that you are not the same person you were some time ago, you ought to understand that it’s enough reason to be grateful to God.

So the lessons I’ve learned so far are summarized below:

  1. Own what you want. There are times in our lives when we want something because we think we should want it. We see that other people want those things and in order to not feel left out, we join the bandwagon and want those things as well. The truth is that the less travelled paths in life often have the greatest rewards. So if you know that your desires (aligned with Christ) differ from the desires of the masses don’t feel ashamed or left out. Understand that your calling is different, bask in it and own it.
  2. Make decisions based on purpose, not possibilities. Now I “stole” this from Tobi Atte. Check out his latest post on http://www.ijustmetme.com. A lot of the time, we find decision-making difficult because we try and decide based on ALL the available choices. For example, you want to buy a pair of shoes (now this is the kind of decision I love to make, being the shoe-lover that I am). The thing is it’s easy for me to decide what shoes I want to buy based on the criteria I have for buying new shoes. First of all, they must be high (unless I specifically want flats for work). Secondly, the color must not be one I already have in my cupboard. Thirdly, I must fall in love with those shoes the moment I lay eyes on them. If I feel “just okay” about those shoes, then I’m not buying them. This makes my life a whole lot easier when I’m buying shoes because I stick to my criteria. But a lot of us don’t even have criteria when we are trying to make decisions. And even if we do, our criteria are based on wrong ideologies and not on who we are, what works best for us and what God has called us to do. There’s so much to say on this so please check out Tobi’s post on why making decisions can be tough and how it can be made easier.
  3. Don’t judge people, not a single person. I learned this in a big way and it made me really understand that God wants every single one of us to extend love to every single one of us. And I mean EVERYONE!!!! I have learned not to judge anyone or think myself more spiritual than anyone because we are all on a journey. Loving every single person will help them on their way to finding God. I myself can be judged because there are areas of my life where I am not doing well. So when I look at someone that I think of myself as “better than” spiritually (I have no right whatsoever to do that), I remember that I’m supposed to see them as God does, the same way other people see me as God does.
  4. God ABSOLUTELY knows what He’s doing. I know this seems like a self-evident truth but sometimes it’s easy to forget when life throws curveballs your way. No matter what you’re going through right now, no matter how seemingly large or inconsequential, as long as you remain in God’s will you can trust in the truth that He is working something out for you, in you and/or through you. And one day, you will look back on those times and be grateful for the fruit that was produced. You can take that to the bank.

Kk that’s it from me today guys. I hope this speaks to someone. Please please send in your answers for a free ticket to the Convo. I really hope to see you all there. Have a blessed weekend guys and know that God is totally in love with you.


Peace and Love,

Grace’s Daughter.

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Faith B says:

    Just read this piece Ada and I THANK YOU for it…it spoke volumes to me as a person.
    God bless you real good dear and have a fab week.

  2. dnddyon says:

    I am highly honoured favoured and blessed to emerge as a winner of 2 Convo tickets from you.
    I am utterly grateful!

    Honestly, this great reward makes up for the ‘hard’ questions, lol!

    Thank you Ada, God bless you!

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