Grace’s Daughter Trivia

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing great.

As promised, I have (for now) five free tickets to give away for “The Convo”. I’m looking forward to it and hoping that I can meet with you guys that read this blog and connect with you.

Just as a reminder, the event is on Saturday 23rd of August at Nike Art Museum & Gallery. The address is 2 Elegushi Road, Off Ikate Roundabout (3rd roundabout after Lekki Toll Gate). Time is 2.45 (sharp, no Naija time please, I dey beg una).

Alright guys, it’s trivia time. The first five people to answer these questions correctly will get free tickets to the Convo. Please send in your answers to along with your name and phone number so I can reserve a ticket under your name if you’re a lucky winner. Good luck y’all.

1) How many posts are on Grace’s Daughter?

(A) 15 (B) 32 (C) 37 (D) 40 (E) 44

2) What is Grace’s Daughter’s favourite colour?

(A) Lavender (B) Coral (C) Neon Green (D) Burgundy (E) Turquoise

3) Which of the following is not one of Grace’s Daughter’s greater passions?

(A) Fashion (B) Reading  (C) Exercise (D) Writing (E) Singing

4) Which of the following cities has Grace’s Daughter not blogged about traveling to?

(A) Cape Town (B) Boston (C) Shanghai (D) Paris (E) Dubai

5) The most amount of time that Grace’s Daughter has gone without putting up a post is:

(A) 12 days (B) 3 weeks (C) 6 weeks D) 2 months (E) 3 months

6) In one post, Grace’s Daughter made a reference to two examples of people whose lives illustrate that the people God uses face intense trials. One was Paul and the other was:

(A) Noah (B) Abraham (C) Jesus (D) Joseph (E) Job

7) How many comments are there in total on

(A) 52 (B) 75 (C) 90 (C) 118 (D) 134 (D) 149

8)  The writer of Grace’s Daughter is currently in which of the following cities?

(A) New York (B) Dubai (C) London (D) Lagos (E) Singapore

9) What is the name of the host of The Convo

(A) Sola (B) Kiki (C) Abs (D) Tobi (E) Moyo

10) Grace’s Daughter has been viewed in all of the following countries except:

(A) Luxembourg  (B) Cape Verde (C) Brazil (D) Trinidad & Tobago (E) Scotland.

Phew!!!! That’s done thank goodness. Kk…..I’m really excited to see all your answers now so please send them in people. The deadline to get them is Monday the 11th of August. Time is 12pm (GMT + 1).

Thats it from me today guys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Grace’s Daughter.

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