Hey guys,

Trust you’re all doing great. I’m doing good myself and have some wonderful news to share with y’all.

So you know the exams that took over my life for the first half of this year (the legendary CFA), well I passed thank God. I honestly was not sure what to expect ’cause I left that exam hall trying to console myself, saying there was no harm in failing and I could always take it again in December.

But God showed up and took over so really and truly all the glory for this goes to Him and Him alone. He equipped me with the strategy to use while I was studying and gave me the grace and strength to put in the work. He gave me the ability to do my part and showed up when it was time for Him to do His.

My results have been out almost a week now and so the high of passing has tapered off a bit. We’ve had a week-long holiday in Dubai and so I’ve had some time to just relax and take everything in. In my assessment of the first half of the year, I talked about my gratitude to God for all the blessings He’s given me. It’s funny how not too long after, He’s given me another thing to put on my list of things to be grateful to Him for.

I had a conversation with my mum (who is quite simply one of the most amazing human beings ever) and she spoke to me about how amazed she is at how far I’ve come. She saw me at my lowest four years ago and so she’s one of the few people that can fully appreciate how far God has brought me. I guess what’s on my heart to say today is that it doesn’t matter where you are; how low you think you are or how far you think you’ve fallen. There is absolutely nothing that God cannot restore. You just have to give your life to Him (trust me, it’s easier than trying to figure it out on your own) and allow Him to have His way.

I wish you could have met me four years ago; my confused, bitter, resentful, mouthy self. You might read my posts and think I was always like this but that is so not the case. I was the bottom of the dung heap before God lifted me and placed my feet upon the rock. It was not an easy process; I had to let go of many things and there was a season where I had to be away from the people I loved so I could give God my full attention.

But it was soooo worth it. If I knew then that this was what He had in store for me, I would not have worried one bit. Now it’s easy for me to say that ’cause I have the benefit of hindsight, but there are still things I struggle with today like my career and where He wants me to be. However, by His grace, I can hold onto the things He’s done and have faith that He will always show up for me.

I don’t know who exactly this message is meant for today but I want to let you know that God loves you and has grand plans for your life; so huge that even if you sat down today and thought of the most amazing things that could happen to you, it could not compare to what God has in store for you (Ephesians 3:20). Let go of the past and hold onto God for your future. Set your face like flint and focus on the Father. He will take you places you never thought you could go.


Grace’s Daughter

9 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Uchenna says:

    This is simply amazing Dobby. Your life is definitely a testimony of God’s faithfulness.
    It Is Well With You In Jesus Name.

  2. Mame says:

    Ada well done!! I for one am proud of u! From the minute I saw and spoke to you during your interview, I knew you were destined off greatness. My prayer for you is that the hands of the Almighty God will continue to rest heavily upon you. Keep on shining

    And your message is actually for me dear!


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