A Christmas Message

So this is officially a record for Grace’s daughter……two posts in one week. Perhaps The Lord is preparing me for new things in the new year…….more messages from me. We can keep our fingers crossed. Anyways, I’m sitting in my office today with a very light desk. Christmas time tends to be a very light time where I work so I’m trying to find things I can do to keep myself occupied. It then occurred to me to put up a Christmas message so here it goes.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become increasingly desensitized to Christmas and it’s message. It’s been watered down to the time of the year when my house is full and chaotic because my brothers and cousins are back home and they are like tornadoes……absorbing everything in sight. In fact (and I’m a bit ashamed to admit this) I was resorted to finding different hiding places in my house for these plantain chips that my aunt makes. I had to do this because if I had left them out in the open, I could be rest assured that I would not find them when I came back. That being said, it’s always lovely to have the whole family together.

However that’s not the whole point of this season. In the midst of all the preparations for the 25th and the 1st, let us not forget the significance of what we celebrate. I know this message has been told over and over again but I hope this hits home for somebody. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ….the hope for all mankind. We celebrate the manifestation of God’s redemption plan for all humanity. Just imagine if Jesus was not born and as a result, did not die for our sins. We would be walking corpses; our souls far away from our creator, unable to connect with Him. We would be bound to a law that we could never fully adhere to and so we would be carrying weights of guilt and shame……and that would be the sum total of our lives. I for one shudder to think who I would be if Jesus was not born and did not die for me. I would be this angry, bitter, hateful person……the person I was before I submitted my life to Christ. But I would not have been able to do give Him my life if Jesus wasn’t born and didn’t die for me. That’s the message I’m trying to get across people…….that’s the hope of this beautiful thing called Christmas……it’s because of what happened at Christmas that I am the person God has moulded me into today. If Jesus didn’t exist, we would be done for. Let us sit back and reflect on this and hopefully find a new gratitude for this season.

And speaking of gratitude, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Christmas and New Year’s are a week apart. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we can look back on the past year and see what we are grateful for. I, for one, have too many things to be grateful for. For one, I’m grateful for the grace to be obedient to God in starting this blog…..it has been such a huge blessing to me and I have been soooo encouraged by the feedback. To all my readers, I want to say a huge thank you. I’m grateful that I was able to lose the weight I’d been carrying for a long time. I’m grateful for my new job and all the wonderful doors it’s opened for me. I’m grateful for the wonderful friends God has blessed me with, both new friends and old ones, and the ways our relationships have evolved over the year. I’m grateful for my family and all the blessings God has bestowed on us this year. I’m also very grateful for the hard times and how they have bee instrumental in shaping my perspective. I hope and pray that they continue to align my perspective to God’s and most importantly I’m grateful for my relationship with the Lover if my soul. I haven’t always been faithful but He remains faithful. I love you Papa and I’m grateful for the place you have in my life.

So as this year ends and we prepare to enter into a new one, I hope you can sit back and reflect on what Christmas truly means and that it will help you rediscover the joy of this season. I also hope that you can find things to be grateful for…..they’re are always there if you look. Some may have to look a little bit harder than others but even the hard times set us up for great things to come.

Peace, love and compliments of the season,

Grace’s daughter

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Message

  1. @eloxie says:

    So grateful for you too my dear and for your beautiful journey.
    It’s amazing to see how you have evolved into this lovely young woman and I am immensely grateful for God’s workings in your life.
    Love you to Australasia and back. Stay strong, stay beautiful in and out and welcome back Grace’s daughter. We missed you.

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