Hello wonderful people,

Hope y’all are doing great….I’m doing fab myself. I had a wonderful week filled with lots of revelations. God is definitely showing me some interesting things and more importantly, He’s calling me to come up higher. There’s so much in store for those of us whose identities lie in Christ Jesus. It’s no longer enough for us to be complacent in God’s love. Yes God loves us and that will never change but we need to take the next step and answer our callings. God has armed us with the authority to change our worlds but we have a part to play. There is absolutely nothing that we can’t do and the edge we have over the world is the strength of our spirituality.

Now onto what’s on my heart to talk about today. I recently tweeted on the topic of femininity (btw you can follow me on twitter on @aokwodu). This was because someone had tweeted about modern femininity and how it needed to take a hike. I know that some people are going to be miffed by what I’m about to say but the truth is that I agree with the young lady that made this statement. I once was on team “girl power” and team “equality for women” until I understood that it was just another outlet for me to express my personal rebellion against life in general. When I began to find myself and identify with my femininity, I embraced womanhood and all that it came with. I believe that this gender equality fight is propagated by women that have been mistreated or manhandled by men in particular and the world in general. Promoting the agenda of modern feminism therefore seems to be the natural way to ensure that this abuse does not happen again to anyone. The problem though is that it doesn’t deal with the bitterness and resentment that is a product of such abuse and this inevitably spills into the feminist agenda. There are some wounds that can only be healed at the foot of the cross.

At this point, I would like to make it clear that I am in no way trying to belittle the pain of women that have suffered abuse (be it physical, mental or emotional) at the hands of men. All I am saying is that the key to your freedom from all that hurt and pain cannot be found by being treated “equally” with men. I’m also aware that part of the agenda is to ensure that other women do not go through the same things you have gone through but this cannot be achieved by fighting for equal treatment for men and women. The solution to that problem, I believe, is to get the men to behave like MEN; protectors, providers, warriors.

What then is the alternative to the feminist agenda? I believe that the answer is utter and unapologetic femininity. Where it may seem that we are required to be masculine and develop muscles where we have no business having them, the actual answer is to go back to one who created us and find out His heart for womanhood. There is nothing like a Kingdom woman who understands the power of her femininity. She understands that there is a special grace that comes with womanhood and when she uses this to the advancement of God’s agenda, Satan absolutely loathes this. We are natural nurturers and we have the capacity to birth destiny; that’s why Satan especially has it out for women. Satan does not want anyone to fulfill destiny and a spiritual woman who walks in the power of her femininity is not only fulfilling her destiny, but she’s equipping others to fulfill theirs; that’s a double whammy for the enemy.

True femininity is not aggressive; it commands attention simply by being what it is. A beautiful woman does not have to scream and shout or take out an ad in the newspaper in order for people to see that she is beautiful. All she needs to do is be seen, end of story. Where men may have to shout, femininity only need whisper. I was in a meeting at the office last week with four other guys on my team and everyone was trying to make a point at the same time. I initially joined the melee but I stopped and tapped the gentleman next to me and whispered to him that I wanted to make a point. Being the gentleman that he was, he told the other guys to be quiet because I, the lady in their midst, wanted to say something. I tell you, they all kept quiet, looked at me to say what I wanted to say and listened to me.

There are so many other things that characterize true femininity but the one I believe to be most important is strength. True femininity is strong; yes men may have more power physically but women are powerful emotionally. We have the capacity to be utterly vulnerable and to take on certain levels of pain that men simply cannot handle. We have the capacity to look beyond what we can see to what we believe is possible. A mother can look beyond where her child is today and see where he can be and invest in that child, even when things seem impossible. A woman can look at a man, see his potential, believe in him (even when he does not believe in himself) and encourage him to get to that place that she has seen. True femininity operates on a different level of faith that is often difficult for men to grasp and it is that faith that drives us to give of ourselves.

The key ingredient to protecting this brand of femininity is in finding and hiding it in God. That’s when you know who, what and how to invest your femininity as a woman. It’s also the only way to make sure your femininity is the right brand. For example, Jezebel was a woman who understood her femininity but her heart was wicked so she used her femininity to fall men. Abigail on the other hand (wife of Nabal and eventually David) used her femininity to save the lives of many and prevented David from making a grave mistake. Femininity wrapped in God’s wisdom will equip you to make the right decisions as a woman and will enable you love yourself and your lot as a woman. I personally love being a woman…….fearfully and wonderfully feminine.

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