Building New Worlds

Hey guys,

Yuuuuup, I know….I’ve been away for ages *covers head in shame*. It’s been too long people but I’ve been away for a good reason. Honestly, the time away has given me a new perspective; I was feeling so spiritually dry and it definitely came through in my attempts to write. Y’all know that the last post wasn’t that great; even my mother (bless her heart) said that she didn’t like it. That’s what happens when I try to do things in my own ability and it was a way for God to show me that this blog is His property; I have to remain available to be used as His conduit to reach you guys. That being said, I’m doing much better now; I’ve made peace with the fact that this new phase of my life requires me to change my approach in many areas. Most importantly, my relationship with God. Before I started working, I had the luxury of spending time with God in the morning for as long as I determined. These days, I have to be creative; I may not have 44 minutes to spend time with God in the morning so I do what I can, (20-30mins) then I pray in the car on the way to work, when I get to work before the day begins in earnest and I steal away to the bathroom sometimes to pray so that I remain spiritually stable. It’s all about being strategic; a friend of mine told me how she sets her alarm twice in a day and when it goes off in her office, she knows its time to set her heart on God for as long as she can manage. So if there are any people struggling with prayer (I have written a post on this before), please be encouraged and try to find creative ways to commune with God throughout your day.

Alright….so onto what I want to share today. Yesterday at church, I heard a particularly interesting message from Pastor Mo about how its time for us in our generation to build a new world. I almost didn’t make it to TWB (my new church with Pastor Mo) on Sunday because I had planned to visit TPH (my old church) yesterday but I bumped into Pastor Mo on Saturday at Olivia’s Cafe in Lekki Phase 1 and he gave me a teaser on his message for Sunday. It was something I felt I needed to hear (and I digress….forgive me). Anyways, Pastor Mo spoke about the need for us to build a new world that would be superimposed on the current world (that is old and passing away). Now when I first heard this, it sounded rather abstract to me……I mean, what’s all this about the old world and new world? Then he used the example of Noah to break the message down:

The story of Noah is found in Genesis Chapter 6-9. In summary, God was grieved about the state of the ‘old’ world and decided that He was going to destroy humankind and create a new world. But Noah found favour with God and God decided to use him as his instrument to preserve life and create a new world by instructing him to build an ark. There are a number of lessons that we can learn from Noah with regards to building a new world:

  • Noah found favour with God. I think this is an important point to highlight because when I come across this statement in the bible, I sometimes think that the person found favour with God because God decided to randomly give them his favour. I spoke to Pastor Mo about that and he said that God often finds favour with us in response to our attitude towards Him. David was a man after God’s heart not because God intentionally gave David a heart that sought Him but because David’s attitude was such that it constantly sought to please God. Even when he committed atrocities, he was constantly looking for a way to repent and be reconciled to the heart of God. Noah found favour with God because he was righteous and blameless among the people (Gen. 6:9).
  • Noah built that ark without outside validation. Imagine you’re Noah and God tells you that He’s going to destroy the earth so He wants you to build an ark in preparation. In obedience to God, you start building the ark and people walk past your house. Seeing the developing monstrosity of the ark, they ask you what you’re doing and you reply, “Well , God told me that He’s going to destroy the earth and I’m to build an ark to prepare for that”. I’m quite sure they will think you’ve gone mad. There is even some evidence to show that there had been no rain on the earth before the great flood (Genesis 2:5-6) so Noah explaining the impending destruction of the earth with a concept that had never been heard of would have seemed like madness to people. There was no one outside his family encouraging him to follow this path God had set before him but there was a great need for  him to be obedient; the preservation of life on earth depended on it.
  • Noah was told to build what did not make sense. This ties in with the first point. I’m sure even Noah was not completely clear on the concept of rain and how God would use it to destroy the earth but he put that aside and decided to be obedient to God and trust that He would do as He had said.
  • Noah was building that ark for a very long time. There is a school of though that says Noah was building the ark for somewhere between 55-75 years. Others advocate 120 years. I’m of the opinion that 55 years, 75 years and 120 years are all long.  They’re all lifetimes so people were born and died while Noah built that ark. I try to put myself in the guy’s shoes and I’m sure there were days when he woke up to the unfinished ark and wondered whether he was wasting his life and if there was a point to what he was doing. I’m even sure there were pockets of time when he got discouraged and abandoned the work but he still came back to it.

Now this a nicely painted picture but what does it mean for you and I in today’s world? If, like me, you believe that God is doing something fresh with our generation then you need to understand that there is intentionality in the construction of new world. You need to build with a view of where you’re going and you need to open your mind to accept the crazy ideas God is revealing to you now that will eventually become commonplace in this new world. I mean, the concept of a boat in Noah’s time was out of that world but the boat is the most basic technology in this world. You also need to understand and make your peace with the fact that a lot of people will not understand what you’re doing; even your parents and some of your friends will most likely think that you’ve gone mad. So you’re dreaming of building your world where you’re a CEO of a million dollar corporation who finds time to make it to choir practice, put out new music, ensure her house is well taken care of while lead worship on Sundays and senior level management meetings the next day. In the old world, such a dream is akin to madness and many people will tell you that you’re trying to take on too much but that’s how big God wants you to dream. When Paul said that he could do all things through Christ that strengthens him in Philippians 4:13, he wasn’t exaggerating. Building a new world requires us to stretch our minds beyond ordinary thinking.

There are many other places where God is calling us to build a new world; one that comes easily to mind is our nation Nigeria. I know most of us have heard about the whole NSCDC “oga at the top” phenomenon and laughed about it but the truth is that it shows the rot in our society. However, I am not one to go on about the problems in our society; I’m interested in solutions and people who are called to bring them about. God is calling us to build a new world in this nation. For some of us, God is calling us to create a new world in our relationships. For example, if you’re a guy and you have been eyeing that young lady for a while and God has been speaking to you to make a move, please waste no more time and approach her and start to build with her ;-). In business and career, God is calling you to be a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace; apply for that job, start that business and allow God to use you to build a new world in these areas. Most importantly, God is calling all of us to build a new world in our spirituality; if you’ve been on that level of spiritual maturity too long, it’s time to press in and build.

That’s the essence of today’s message people; we are being called to build new worlds and it’s not something that will happen overnight. Noah shows us that building for a new world will take a lifetime. What we need to do is to understand what the big picture is (as revealed to us by God) and continue to build towards it. That’s what I got from the message and I hope it ministers to someone. Thanks for the love guys and I’ll put up a new post soon.


Grace’s daughter

One Month Anniversary

Hello lovely people,

I just came back home from work and I had planned to go out for a quick jog, come back home and put up a new post but it seems that God is no longer tolerating my hesitation in putting up a new post (you see, there about three drafts sitting in my dashboard that for some reason or the other I found something wrong with); I hadn’t even finished warming up to jog before it started raining (and Lagos rain is no joke). I’ve been jogging for over four months and this has never happened so you best believe He sent me home to get typing. To be honest, part of the problem is the fact that I’m starting to doubt that quality of the words I’m putting up. This is my fourth attempt at writing this post alone (and like I said before I’ve written a number of drafts which I have never done before. I usually type a post and put it up immediately) but I’m not deleting anything anymore….I’m just going to keep typing and trust God to use it and touch someone. I really do apologize to you guys for the brief hiatus I took over the past week; I’ve been sent to another office which is farther away from my house so I have to be up at 4.30 ideally if I want to spend time with God, get ready and make it to the office at 7.30 before Lagos traffic builds up. I’ve finally gotten into a routine that I can stick with by God’s grace but it took all of a week for me to make my peace with it (I love my sleep so waking up at 4.30a.m has to be done for a very good reason).

Yaaaaay…………it’s the our one-month anniversary. I’m still taking in all that has happened so far and I want to say a huge thank you guys for taking the timeout to read the blog. I also want to say thank you to everyone that has given me some form of feedback on the blog. I really do appreciate it and I take it all on board. I know I’m not perfect and never will be but I’m very much interested in getting better. A message that came from most of you was that the posts were too lengthy (which I completely understand). It’s because I blog like I talk but I’ll try to cut the length of the posts. I also want to say a quick hello to the lovely 19-year-old young lady who got in touch with me. Thanks luv for the encouragement and you may not know it but you are the answer to a prayer (big big hug).

Kk guys…..onto what’s on my heart today. I went to visit my aunt yesterday; now she is one of the strongest women I know….period. She inspires me in so many ways because she has been through many hard times in her life and yet she comes out stronger, more beautiful and more dependent on her Maker. I hadn’t seen in her in a while so I went over to hers to catch up and we got talking about different things……eventually the conversation got back to God (as it always does) and she started telling me how she had just finished a seven-hour-praise-for-seven-days session. Basically, she set aside seven hours and praised God for seven days. She told me that on the sixth day, she decided to stop and listen for God to speak but she heard nothing. Finally on the seventh day God spoke to her and gave her strategies with regards to the next phase of her life; her ministry, her business, her marriage, etc. Now to give you some perspective, she’s a God-made woman who has businesses in America and Nigeria and is easily a multimillionaire in whatever currency you choose to use with a successful husband and a wonderful daughter. Please note that I am not boasting on her behalf; I just want to make it clear that there are indeed people who are living life God’s way and to the fullest

When she told me this story of the seven hours for seven days I was flabbergasted because I’m struggling with 44 minutes a day. I understand that she does not spend that much time every single day but the fact of the matter is that the thought of spending that much time praising scares me because I’m afraid I’d be bored out of my mind after the first hour and I would be so distracted by my need for the time to pass that I would no longer be able to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing. I thought about how I’d been balking at the thought of waking up earlier than 5a.m to get time to pray but when she told me her story, you best believe I checked the alarm on my phone to make sure it was set for 4.30a.m so I could spend time in prayer this morning. And it was hard but not as terribly hard as I thought it would be… my aunt says, He always makes the grace available.

The part of the story that really got my attention though was when God began to give her strategies about different areas of her life and the day after she finished, she already had a testimony about one of her businesses; basically they made a huge deal the size of which they had not done in a couple of years. The prospect of walking hand in hand with God and being so divinely directed gets me so excited but I have to remind myself that it also comes at a cost (it’s not easy to commit to seven hours for seven days, I still haven’t wrapped my brain around it completely); you have to constantly die to yourself and that is one thing that I struggle to make my peace with daily. I wasn’t able to put up a post last week not for lack of trying but because I was no longer praying as I knew I ought to be and because of that, I did not have confidence in what I was writing (it took me some time to figure that out though). I couldn’t fathom giving up any more sleep than I already had so I decided that my conversations with Him during the day would have to suffice. I also convinced myself that maybe He wanted me to focus more on talking to Him during the day because I tend to have to remind myself to converse with Him during the day. But I learned that it’s not an either/or scenario. They both matter to Him and I now believe that He is not interested in compromising either of them (quiet time and conversations through the day).

God is raising an army of soldiers in our generation; you don’t need to be extremely sensitive spiritually to sense this truth. Satan has changed the rules of the game in our generation and God is bringing up a new breed of young people who are unapologetically sold out on Him (I’ll put up a post on this later) but the truth is that it is hugely important that we stay hidden in Him to do things His way. If there’s one thing I learned the past week it’s the fact that God will not let me take a step away from Him and still function at a capacity that is acceptable to me; I will not put up a post that I’m not okay with and I will not write a post I’m okay with if I’m not well-connected to Him. The stakes are much too high now; I’m becoming more prominent on Satan’s hit-list because I’m a threat to his Kingdom. he’s looking at me, waiting for me to drift just that little bit away so he can pounce and God will not stand for that. So if you’ve grown spiritually and you find that God no longer allows you to get away with certain things or you see other people around you getting away with certain things that God will not entertain from you, please understand that it’s for your own good.

Now one thing I will point out is that everyone is at different levels of spiritual maturity. I’m not about to take on the challenge of spending seven hours praying for seven days because I know I am not there yet. I will get there one day though because I have to. I know for a fact that God has huge plans for my life and I will need to spend that nature of time with Him to do all the things He wants me to do. I’m talking about taking the nations of the earth and the level of demons that need to be fought to achieve that are such that you will need to spend hours with God for protection and power. But I’m not there yet and God is a God of process (I’ve put up a post about this in “The Process”). I can look at my aunt and marvel at God’s grace in her life that enables her deny her flesh in that manner and it can give me a standard to look up to as I struggle to continue pushing from the level I’m at right now but I’m not about to bite off more than I can chew. It’s like jogging; when I’m still at the early stages, I don’t sprint so that I can get to a certain part of the journey quicker; I’ll burn out in a couple of minutes and I’ll end up there much later than if I had gone at a slower but steadier pace. But if I focus on jogging steadily and reminding myself of where I want to get to whenever I get tired or I feel like quitting, then I’ll eventually get to where I want to be and be glad at the manner in which I got there.

That’s it from me today people; I know the post isn’t as cohesive as the others but I still hope that it speaks to someone. Part of me wants to leave this as a draft because I’m not totally satisfied with it but I know God wants me to put up something so here it is. The more time I spend with Him, the better this will be. Thanks guys and have a lovely week.


Grace’s daughter